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Four Houses, One School

Behavior Expectations Training and Support (BEST) is a process for teaching expected social and behavioral skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning in a positive, preventative school environment. Each school in Radford City will develop rules, procedures and routines that will be systematically taught school-wide under the areas of being safe, respectful and peaceful. This PK-12 approach also teaches proactive classroom management skills and provides intervention supports for individual students and small groups.

Our Behavior Expectations Training and Support (BEST)  Committee initiated Houses at the beginning of 2018-2019 school year. There are four houses that students, staff, and community members are sorted into. They were created by the PBIS Committee and relate to our school mission and vision.

There are three goals for the House system.
*Reward positive behavior (safe, respectful, peaceful).
*Create cross grade-level friendships.
*Promote community service.

Students and staff are sorted at the Sorting Ceremony at the beginning of the school year.

House Points are earned and awarded for positive behavior. Houses compete in a friendly manner for quarterly bragging rights and a House Party! See who is in the lead HERE!

Clubs are offered throughout the school year. Clubs are varied and are a great way for community and family members
to share a hobby, career, or talent with our students. All students choose their club and participate in club day.
Students learn the entrepreneurial process of design, product cost, marketing, presentation, and salesmanship.

The Houses are originated from our school pledge.

  • Compassion - Love, Kindness, and Friendship
  • Grit - Brave, Courageous, Fierce
  • Tenacious - Loyal, Determined, Persistent
  • Visionary - Creative, Enterprising, Innovative

Community Service Competitions
2018-2019: Canned food for the Bobcat Backpacks, food for Radford Animal Shelter, and letters of gratitude to community members/servicemen and women.,

2019-2020: Adopt-A-Spot community clean-ups.

House Winners
2018-2019: COMPASSION
2019-2020: VISIONARY
2020-2021: TENACIOUS

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