How did Belle Heth Elementary get it's name?

This history is taken from the Glencoe Museum facebook page.

"Isabella Hammet Heth was born into the Heth family, who were a wealthy and important family in Radford in the nineteenth century. They began selling their land to help expand the city in the 1880s, and today we can find many things named after the family, including Norwood Hall on Radford University's Campus and many streets named after family members. Her name is most recognizable today for being on the local elementary school. In fact, there has been a school in Radford named after her since she first donated the parcel of land for the original academy in the 1880s.

Here is a fun picture of Belle Heth from around 1912! She is pictured here with some family in front of their Washington, D.C. home where they spent part of each year. That is Belle Heth at the far left, joined by her daughters Pickett (middle) and Virginia (right)!"

Glencoe Museum